Bloody Run Creek in Clayton County

Bloody Run Creek has been recognized as one of Iowa’s Outstanding Waters for its rugged beauty, abundant natural resources, and well established population of wild brown trout.  In 2019, a 165 acre parcel of privately owned land adjacent to the Bloody Run Wildlife Management Area became available for purchase.  A section of the stream flows through this property and connects with state owned sections downstream.  The Iowa DNR utilized a variety of funding sources to help acquire this property.  The main funding source is the federal Pittman-Robertson Act fund which requires the DNR to match 25%.  The Iowa DNR and the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation staff then reached out to thirteen other groups and individuals, including Iowa’s Coldwater Conservancy.

This is another outstanding example of public and private organizations coming together in partnerships to protect and preserve special places in Iowa like Bloody Run Creek for future generations.  This property will transfer to the Iowa DNR in the summer of 2020.

Bloody Run Creek