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Our Vision

Iowa’s Coldwater rivers and streams will be complete, healthy eco-systems that improve our natural environment and enhance the lives of everyone who has the opportunity to experience these examples of our natural heritage.

Why ICC was created?

Iowa’s Coldwater Conservancy organized in 2017 to protect and restore the ecosystems that sustain Iowa’s coldwater rivers and streams while expanding public access to these vital and unique natural resources.

ICC formed with the recognition that:

  • We could not continue to address the significant challenges to the ecosystems of our coldwater rivers and streams as stand-alone, volunteer-driven nonprofit organizations.
  • We could not continue to try to protect and restore watersheds and riparian zones of the unique rivers and streams in the “Driftless Area” of northeast Iowa by using the same practices which were used many years ago. We had to work with alliances of like-minded partners to raise the necessary resources to address these significant challenges.

Today’s Challenges

  • Climate change (more severe weather, flooding, rising water temps, plant and species extinction).
  • Antiquated and/or industrial agricultural practices.
  • Hostile political climate towards environmental policy initiatives.
  • Shrinking state & federal conservation budgets.
  • Challenges to public lands.
  • Changing demographics (more diverse demand).
  • Increased competition for philanthropic dollars.
  • Rising cost of environmental restoration.
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If you’d like to partner with us financially, please visit this page or use the form below to donate online using your bank account or credit card. Iowa’s Coldwater Conservancy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Policy, Projects, and Permanent Access

Latest News

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